Side Tables

User Guides

Paper: Non-woven paper
Method: Paste the paper
Paste: Halls Beeline Ready Mixed Vinyl Adhesive 
The manufacturer recommends Halls Beeline Ready Mixed Vinyl Adhesive, often referred to as “Light Grade” adhesive, (sold in tubs with a yellow lid) which is available from all Leyland decorators’ merchant’s branches nationwide.
Muraspec’s Light Grade Ready Mixed Adhesive (sold in tubs with a black lid) and Albany Ready Mixed (sold in tubs with a yellow lid) (available from C. W. Brewer’s decorators’ merchants) have exactly the same qualities as the Halls Beeline Ready Mixed Vinyl and are equally recommended. Most importantly you must get a good quality ready mixed adhesive if you choose another brand.
Scrapwood, Brooklyn Tin Tiles and Concrete.
Paper:  Non-Woven paper
Method: Paste the Wall
Paste: Traditional style, starch based, ready mixed tub paste
Fire Rated for commercial use
Colourfast and washable with a soft cloth

Please check all rolls before hanging them on the wall as we cannot provide replacements for

rolls that have been pasted or hung already.


You will need ruler, pencil, scissors, sharp knife, bucket, pasting brush, sponge, plumb line, seam

roller and a profile shredder and a level


Mix the wall paste in a 5 litre bucket. Add one pack of Solvite ™ extra strong and 4 cup fulls of PVA glue to be mixed well together in bucket. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packet.

You must ensure that the wall surface that the mural is to be applied is sound and smooth. Any indentations must be taken away at this stage as this would affect pitting on the mural.

Pre paste the wall area with the PVA and extra strong adhesive ensuring that all surface is covered.

Place the Mural face down on the table.

Apply the paste to the Mural. Make sure it applies evenly to avoid bubbling.

It is important that you paste up to the edges in an outward motion.

After pasting mural leave to soak for a period of 5 to 10 minutes

(Optional) fold a 1/3 of the mural pasted side against pasted side to make it easier to handle.

Apply the Mural to the wall from the top and down using paper hangers brush or profile to smooth out any creases or bubbles.

Brush outwards all the way down to exclude trapped air.

Trim the edges of the mural next to doors, radiators etc. using a sharp knife.

To use a damp sponge or a dry cloth to wipe off any excess PVA from joints, leave then for 24 hours and re-wipe with damp sponge and dry cloth.